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How would YOU use North Star?


Let your conscience be your guide.

North Star is the only app that you'll ever need to help you make informed, educated decisions in all aspects of your life.  Wouldn't you rather purchase or support products, businesses, and individuals with similar morals to yours?  The applications for this app are as endless as the reasons why you decide between any two choices, so get involved and see how North Star can help to shape your world!


The coffee shop you stop at every day buys their coffee from a plantation that used to be rain forest, but destroyed it to plant coffee instead.  You don't think that's very cool.  But down the street is another shop that buys only Fair Trade coffee.  If you only knew!


You know that athlete who did those terrible things to animals?  Yeah you do.  Did you know that your favorite sports drink is his sponsor?  Maybe it's time to find a new favorite sports drink. 


Want to avoid animal products in all of your groceries?  Buying only organic?  Or maybe you have a strict dietary restriction.  Know the fine details when you buy.

It's up to you...

Use North Star however you choose to make informed decisions on any topic. Whether you're motivated by environmentalism, human rights, animal rights, or just your own health, you will finally know the downstream effects of any decision before you make it.

How It Works

Discover how the app works with a walkthrough, and learn how you can get involved and start making real change in your world!  You can even get paid for contributing!

How It Works

How It Works

Watch Now

Still want to know more about how it all works?  Don't worry, there's a lot to digest.  Start with the FAQ page.


Status Report!

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